Quebec City! A delightful RV destination from the Maritimes…

Our entire family goes on a major family RV trip every summer. We usually pick a US destination but this year decided to explore in Canada. We left from NS around 7am and stopped for fuel and a couple meals but still ended up at our destination, The Quebec City KOA in Levis, Quebec on the outskirts of Quebec City around 6pm. It was an easy relaxing drive even with large RV’s, plus we ended up gaining an hour. There were lots of easily assessable Fuel stations along the way and really no heavy traffic.

Quebec City KOA

None of us had ever been to Old Quebec City before so we decided to do a food tour to kick the trip off. This was a great experience as we got to sample 5 different restaurants that offered some traditional Quebec meals and drinks, plus we got to tour throughout the city. We were all amazed by the European feel that was everywhere we walked. Parking for a dual wheeled truck was certainly difficult but Dad finally found a parking lot at the back of Laval University. The streets are mostly cobblestone and very narrow but in all Old Quebec City was very easy to navigate.

Old Quebec City Streets

We relaxed the next morning and then decided to go a Farmers market. The market we ended up at was Le Grand Marché de Québec and it was amazing! Local cheeses, wine, craft beer and vegetables were in abundance and were beautifully displayed. We got some odd looks as we had a couple carts overflowing with produce and local spirits. We actually ended up going there twice during the trip.

All of our family is english speaking and we were concerned that it may be more difficult to communicate with the locals, but we were able to communicate for the week with very little difficulty.

Le Grand Marché de Québec 

As my daughter loves animals the next Morning we decided to take in an aquarium. The Aquarium du Quebec was conveniently close and was a good size park so were were able to make a day of it. We were excited about the Polar Bear exhibit but unfortunately it was shut down for upgrades. There were lots of great displays otherwise though and all in all it was great spot to visit.

The next day was a monday so we decided to explore the lower section of Old Quebec City while there was less traffic as on the weekends it is packed with tourists. We also wanted eat some more of that great food that we had sampled days before. You get in a glass trolley which they charge you going down and going up. This section of town along the St Lawrence River was like stepping back in time and was packed with small shops and restaurants and historic landmarks.

Lower Old Quebec City

Our final day before heading to New Brunswick was spent at Montmorency Falls and the Ile d’orléans. The Montmorency Falls was within view of the bridge to Ile d’orléans and was a spectacular view. We all climbed onto a gondola and glided to the bottom of the hill. After that it was around a 10 minute walk to the falls. For someone who has never seen large falls that close it was certainly a view to see. The power of them were incredible. We then walked back and had to wait over an hour for a ride back up to the top. The kids really enjoyed seeing them though!

Montmorency Falls, QC

Ile d’orléans is located in the Saint Lawrence River about 5 kilometres east of downtown Quebec City,  The island was one of the first parts of the province to be colonized by the French, and a large percentage of French Canadians can trace ancestry to early residents of the island. It took us around 1.5 hours to drive totally around it and it was just beautiful with water views all around. It has rich soil full of crops like apples and Vineyards and we would guess that a lot of the surrounding cities get their produce and wines from this area.

Ile d’orléans
Ile d’orléans

In conclusion, If you are looking for an easy destination that is packed full of activities, education, history and fun, Quebec City is certainly recommended by the Brown family and we will be visiting again soon!

Andrew Brown, Owner/GM Pine Acres Rv Stewiacke Limited

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Its Summer! And time to do your quarterly maintenance!

It’s that time of year again! Every quarter you should Clean your Roof and UV protect it. Then and check all your seams and seals along the roof edge, around roof mounted items and make sure the slide has a tight seal both in the in and the extended position! Pine Acres has everything you need in our parts stores. #Summerishere #RVthingYouNeed#rvlifestyle #GoRVing

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Important Article regarding Maintenance, Seals & Seams.

Got a leak? Don’t have one, but don’t one to start?  As per the manufactures  warranty and insurance regulations you should quickly check all your seams, seals and slide rubbers every 90 days! This is a very simple and easy task.

The sun does dry out and shrink caulking and the roofs lap sealant after time, running down the road and even the wind causes the wall and roof to move and possibly open up seams. You can do a visual check of your roof by walking up and checking around all the installed accessories like the A/c unit etc. You will see it cracking or pulling away if its time to touch up or replace the sealants. On the outside of the unit check along all the seams for any signs of caulking that needs replacement.  It is important check that the wiper seal is flipped out to direct the water off the slide. If the wiper seal happens to stay in you could have water directed into your RV. There are also D seals around the slide, if these are damaged by the sun, crushed or torn it may also allow for water intrusion.

If you have a leak, even if its small….  get it tended to right away. If you let it continue it can cause major damage. This is a quick task that should be performed multiple times a year to protect your investment, If you are uncomfortable performing the task, call up our service dept and schedule an appointment to get our professionals to look at it;-) Unfortunately the manufacturer’s or extended warranty  along with your insurance company will not cover leaks that are caused by “Lack of Maintenance”

Call or text our Service Dept today @ (902)639-1509 to book an appointment.

Andrew Brown (Pine Acres Stewiacke Limited)

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Winter is for the birds…RV Snowbirds! Tips and Tricks for US Travel.

Winter is the time to get away with your home away from home.  Your destination may be Florida, Arizona, Texas or even California, in the middle of a winter storm any of these destinations will seem like a great idea! Here are a few tips to make your trip a bit easier. 

  1. Dont forget your passport!
  2. Make sure you have the proper health insurance, Many plans do not extend past 30 days outside your home province, so phone up and get an extension if you are going to be longer than that.
  3. Check the US Government site for a list of inadmissable fruits, veggies and meat products. It will save you some hassle at the border.
  4. Make a list and take pictures of all the valuables in your RV and email it to yourself so you have a timestamp… It will be helpful when you leave the country to prove you didn’t purchase it while in the US.
  5. Call your Credit Card company and let them know your destination and dates of travel.
  6. Grease your wheel bearings, Check all your caulking on the unit and grease your fifth wheel hitch. You should also UV protect your roof to prevent premature chaulking.
  7. Campgrounds in the Northeast are usually closed, we promote staying in campgrounds but it always isn’t possible. We recommend that if staying in a Wal-Mart or parking lot to google and see if that particular lot will let you park there overnight. On our travels we have found several Wal-Marts that will not allow it. Always make sure you pick up all refuse and we almost always do some shopping!-)
  8. Fuel stops are where most accidents happen. I always try to find one of the major truck stops so we do not get jammed in a far too small space. Flying J’s, Pilots, Loves or Travel Plazas usually have ample room to move around. Cracker Barrells usually have an RV parking area as well.  Pro Tip… when the fuel pump asks for a ZIP Code NS is 02000 and PEI is 01000
  9. We usually check the reviews of Campgrounds and directions about 3 hours ahead of time…. Believe me we have accidentally stayed at some scary ones when we were in a rush and didn’t research properly.
  10. Before you head out put a US package on your cell phone. if you are staying a while you can do what we do and actually purchase a US cell phone.
  11. Fill your water tank if it isnt going to freeze. Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops and some truck stops will allow you to fill your tanks and dump your waste.
  12. If you have an issue with your RV ( which happens, if youve ever ridden inside a Trailer its like being in your house in a 70mph hurricane) you can call us and we will reasearch a dealer close to you.
  13. Traveling with your furry family members requires you to have the proper paperwork to cross the border as well.
  14. Have all your Titles, Insurance etc for your Tow vehicle and RV readily accessible.

I hope you find this little article helpful and feel free to email me further tips @

Happy Trails!

Andrew Brown GM Pine Acres Stewiacke Ltd.

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Fall Camping! Enjoy Natures Beauty.


One of the most beautiful and relaxing times of year to camp is the Fall! It is personally my favorite time of year to camp. The leaves are changing, the air is refreshing, the campgrounds seem to calm right down from the busy hustle and bustle of the summer! The trails are beautiful with all the rich colorful hues of autumn, the animals are busy getting ready for winter, what better time to enjoy the great outdoors?

It’s also easier to find better campsites & to make reservations, during the fall because the demand is lower. It requires  little planning and you can be spontaneous to take advantage of quick-and-easy fall weekends near home! Cuddle around your crackling fire outside or enjoy your indoor fireplace & make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy each others company! Now start planning your fall adventure… pick a place to go, and enjoy my favorite season!




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How important is it buy from a local reputable dealer when purchasing an RV?

We receive this question alot!

One of the things that you have to remember especially when purchasing a new RV is that they are not always (or ever) perfect rolling out of the factory! RV’s are built by individuals and are prone to factory defects! What?? You may ask yourself, this is a brand new unit that I have a large investment in, why do I have some issues that need addressed? Dont panic! This is why you buy from a local reputable dealer. We have service departments that properly go through your RV before delivery and try to catch any of the imperfections before you, the consumer receives your new toy! This process called the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) and takes anywhere from 4-12 hours if properly performed. A dealer that is not local sometimes will not take the proper amount of time on this process because they know they will not have to service the customer:-( . Even after we perform this extensive PDI procedure you may find indiciencies after actually enjoying and using your new camper. As a dealer we are here to fix and adjust these issues. It may be as small an issue as a uneven cabinate door or as major as a refer or AC that stopped working. Remember A dealer that is hundreds of kms away is not going to drop everything to go and help you.

Customers often believe that ” I bought a new car a couple years ago and have never had any issues with it, so why would I have to use any warranty on a new camper?”.  Good question! The automotive industry uses robots to assemble vehicles so the margin of error is very low. You have to look at buying a new camper more like buying a new home where there will be adjustments and defects in various places.

rv tech

We dont want to alarm you, but want to show you why it makes sense to buy from a professional dealer! We are RV professionals and our service teams have decades of experiance in all departments and aspects of RV repairs. Also customers that purchase an RV from any of our 4 Atlantic dealerships come first! You can have the confidence that anywhere in the maritimes you are traveling, that you are never far away from a Pine Acres RV Dealership.

Another great benefit of purchasing from us is that you get to build a relationship with our great team. Questions about the new RV that you just purchased from Pine Acres? Need the latest RV Accessory? Our fast friendly team are always happy to answer any questions that may pop up & carry the latest RV parts.telemarketer




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The 300BH Heritage Glen By Wildwood. Hot new product! Hot new Floorplan

What’s HOT  this year in the RV world? Well one of the hot floorplans at Pine Acres this year is the all new Heritage Glen 300BH! Following the Hot trends of the Residential Industry, HG has Stainless Steel Appliances, Solid surface Countertops, Cognac Maple Raised panel cabinetry, Island Kitchens and a really attractive 2 tone Chocolate & Tan ext!

 The 300BH has almost 375 SqFt of living space and is still easily towable by late model 1/2 tons!

The Master Bedroom has solid doors providing privacy from the living area plus the bunkroom offers the same privacy with a solid door instead of a curtain which is standard in a lot of units of this design.

Drop by one of our Heritage Glen dealerships today in Kensington, PEI, Stewiacke, NS or Moncton, NB to see more of these great units. Heritage Glen is made by Wildwood and Pine Acres Rv has a great selection of floorplans including travel trailers & fifth wheels in stock.

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Spring Time is Time to protect your investment!

Tis The Season to Check your seals! As per the warranty and insurance regulations you should quickly check all your seams seals every 45 days! This is a very important part of RV Ownership to protect your investment. Your roof should also be cleaned and UV Protected twice a year and we got all the proper stuff to do it

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Cedar Creek Fifth Wheels… More than just a Pretty Face!

Pine Acres RV has been been a dealer for Cedar Creek RV’s  since 2003 where they were first brought to the Dealership in PEI. Since then we have been growing and have been proud to bring Cedar Creeks to our Moncton NB Store where it has been a tremendous hit and more recently to our Hampton NB Dealership.  Pine Acres RV has had the exclusive line for the entire maritimes and Cedar Creek has been growing right along with us. We are really proud to be able to carry this line of Beautiful RV’s into the Nova Scotia Market to our new dealership opening Spring of 2013 in Stewiacke NS (Between Truro & Halifax)

Cedar Creek are one of the Few RV’s left that still have a 5/8 T&G Plywood floordecking along with a Hung Fiberglass wall structure. All of the wall studs are 12″-16″ on Center instead of 4′ that is offered in most other fifth wheels in this class of RV . Also All of the cabinates are solid finished hardwood (Not Wrapped Wood).

Cedar Creek is offered in various levels including the popular Cedar Creek Custom FW, Touring Edition, Silverback and the growing Cedar Creek Cottager Series


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Wildwood Lodge Park Models… Are they the right fit for you?

You may be in the process of looking to upgrade your normal towable rv to a larger unit and are shopping to see what may fit your needs.

Some of the questions you need to ask  are… Am I going to tow anymore? Am I going to stay in one spot for the camping season? Am I looking for more room for my family? Am I looking for all the luxuries of a permanent cottage or camp but do not want the cost of construction & the high taxes?

If you decided maybe a destination or park unit is the right way to go for your situation, then the Wildwoood DLX, Lodge, or Grand Lodge might be the unit for you.

Offering a huge assortment of floorplans to fit everybodys lifestyle from a unit for your full family with young children seasonally placed at your local campground to that spacious unit for that retired couple parked on the river you are bound to find the perfect second home in a Wildwood

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